Buying a desk first depends on the size of the office area prepared by your home, and then decide on the size of the desk, and also consider whether the family members will use it together.

1. Single desk

The single desk is a common type of desk choice, can meet certain office needs, and will not take up too much space, small apartment is worth choosing; many people’s desk is a multi-purpose table, such as can be makeup tables, and can also be a desk, learning table, but it is not easy to distinguish storage, is a barrier if you only occasionally work at home, you can choose this simple desk, to meet the needs of it.

If you are a person who often works at home and needs many items, storage becomes very important. You can use some simple bookshelves to place items on the wall, and you can also choose a desk with drawers.

When sorting out and finding items, will avoid a lot of unnecessary trouble and improve work efficiency. The desk design is perfect for people who work from home, and the floor-to-ceiling bookcases are great for holding everything in without looking cluttered.

2. Double desk

Now double desk has also become a demand of many people, after all, there are still occasional opportunities to work at home with family members, double desk can be a good solution to embarrassment and contention, do not disturb each other. The double desk is very comfortable, he plays games, you write and draw, it is also a very beautiful day.


The role of the desk at home can be large or small, if you need to do work at home, you can consider arranging it! The specific size depends on your personal preferences and the size of your home space!