What else is a jewelry box for besides wrapping jewelry? Will creative jewelry boxes affect jewelry sales? Jewelry in addition to the material choice more and more high-grade, and need more creativity.

First, store jewelry. A jewelry box is simply a box to hold things, and the meaning of a jewelry box is to collect rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and other jewelry. A jewelry box is a multifunctional packaging box designed according to the needs of consumers.

It is divided into several layers and each layer has a lot of square boxes, which are used for storing jewelry of different shapes and materials. It is specially set for placing, which is not only organized, but also very convenient to pick up.

Second, protect jewelry. The jewelry box inside is made of soft material partition, to avoid jewelry scratches, the most important is to prevent some jewelry because of air, environmental factors, and oxidation color.

Third, decorate the room: the beauty of the jewelry box is conducive to the decoration of the whole room so that the room has a whole has more sense of design and art.

In conclusion, in addition to the above three points the jewelry box has another function is to reflect the taste of girls and their aesthetics, the grade of the jewelry box represents a kind of taste; With the development of society, consumers’ taste is higher, the grade requirements of jewelry box are also very high, now jewelry box not only as a packaging role, but also a strong artistic, beautiful, and different materials, on behalf of the taste is also different, so girls in the choice of jewelry box will be according to their preferences to choose.