As a writing tool, the popularity of the pen has never faded. Decades ago, people carried pens in their pockets. Today, almost every person of all ages own one. Although the author writes poorly, but also bought a lot of pens, just for everyone to take stock.

1. Holistic view

My pens are for daily use, the shell is generally resin or metal paint, do not pay attention to daily maintenance as easy to appear scratches, and affect the appearance of the level, so many people use a pen bag or pen sleeve to install, to protect the appearance of the pen.

If you have a lot of pens, it is recommended to get a pen case like mine. Dozens of pieces can be handled and have a binding, thick outer layer, and can hold up to 10 pens, many big bosses will choose this classic bag.

2. Potluck smiley face f sharp

The classic entry pen of Bellagio is very lovely in design and rich in color. It is highly recommended that the white bar is made with a bright cap. It is brilliant in appearance and excellent in holding. When writing on rough paper, you will feel stuck. The nib has a certain degree of softness, with the different paper, sometimes the water is very fierce, sometimes very astringent.

And a little long time not to use, then need to use the ink again to good water, and air tightness? It doesn’t exist. It’s not ideal. Of course, what bike do you want at this price? I think it is the absolute representative of the Bell steel tip ~

3. Bello 78g f tip

Similar to the smiley face, the nibs are the same shape, but the 78g surface is gold-plated, and the clear model I bought was a delight with colored ink. This is an old Bello 78G, which is not designed with a rotating cap.

The air tightness is not very ideal, and the ink will run out if it is not used for a long time. Compared with a smiling face, more pen holder, not easy to roll, but also more convenient to insert in the pocket and book ~


For personal use, the pen is more about style. In particular, many working party pens are even used for signing. Of course, many people use pens as tools and pens for daily text output. The pens in this paper are capable of meeting these two requirements.