Every worker doesn’t have a desk! Learn to make small changes at your desk, tidy up, and put in some small ornaments, while the environment remains the same. This will not only enhance the freshness of the environment, but also enhance your happiness, and the joy of work will follow.

In order not to look as if the table has narrowed at first glance, the idea of arranging objects is better to develop in the direction of small and delicate. At the same time, learning to store can save flat space, and avoid at a glance everything being messy and miscellaneous oh.

1. Master copper

As the domestic first-class copper craft brand, the copper master is also a familiar name. Its copper craft production is not only special but also exquisite and diversified. For example, this zodiac decoration fully reflects the bronze master’s craftsman spirit.

2. Good materials

The material of the decoration shows the heart. The twelve zodiac animals are made of special A-grade brass, and it is solid brass, full of sincerity. The surface is still plated with 24-carat gold, so it plays the role of anti-oxidation and anti-fading and is particularly resistant to release. And they look gold, put in the office to enhance the most decorative.

3. Be creative

The details of the zodiac are amazing. Brass is a kind of metal, but copper masters can use it flexibly. The curve of each zodiac is very smooth and round, the details of its features are very delicate, and no defects can be found from the luster.

It can be seen that it is polished carefully and can withstand the test of details. In the zodiac, you can choose the year of your birth in the office, the Year of the Ox can be the year of the Ox, and the cause is promoted step by step; You can also choose your zodiac as your lucky ornaments;


Therefore, the baby of lovers of cultural relics and national treasures can also look at its cultural relics reproduction, such as its tiger symbol decoration, delicate and does not take up space, the perfect reproduction of the original cultural relic “Du Hu Fu”, smooth muscle lines, smooth tail curve, it appears that the tiger character is lively; Although it is delicate and small, the details of its features are precise and unequivocal, and the text carving on its body is also very precise. After the copper color is overheated, it restores a sense of the age of cultural relics. The more you zoom in, the more you marvel at the detail.