The lane alarm alerts you that your car is about to veer out of the lane and warns you to get back into the lane. It is essential to a safe drive. What are the criteria for the best lane alarm? It is not easy to find the answer. Here are some suggestions for you.

1. Long using time

The first thing when choosing a lane alarm is to decide how long you want to use it. How long is your driving time? 20 hours, 50 hours, or more? This lane alarm is rechargeable and can work for more than 70 hours on a single charge. Of course, you can also choose one with a shorter use time, which will be cheaper.

2. Suitable for long-distance driving

Tired driving can be dangerous on long drives. Especially when driving at night, drivers often have car accidents because of dark and unclear light. This is where having a durable lane alarm comes in. It can ensure the safety of the driver and avoid the occurrence of tragedy.

3. Humanized design

The best lane alarm should have a consummate appearance design, with high-quality ABS+Rubber materials. The lane alarm has a comfortable feeling, it would not make any painful sensation during a long time using.

4. Lane departure warning system

A good lane alarm should be inserted with the lane departure system which uses an advanced camera sensor algorithm to detect lane markings and warn the driver when merging out of the traffic lane. What’s more, the forward collision warning system is also important, it calculates the times to impact an object in front of the vehicle.

5. Camera quality

The lane alarm is set with a high-quality dual-lens 1080P ultra-clear front camera and a 720P rear camera. The backup camera presents a clear image of vehicles and objects behind you when driving, there is no worry to read the license plates of tailgaters.