Collagen creams are skin care products that contain collagen. Collagen is an elastic fibrous protein found in connective tissue. In addition, they contain ingredients that help the body form its proteins.

1. Reasons for use

As we age, the amount of collagen in our bodies decreases by 30 percent, leading to wrinkles, crow’s feet, and sagging skin. Many believe these products can help slow or prevent this process from happening. Many people, especially women over 40, use them to maintain a youthful appearance.

2. Ingredients

In addition to collagen, collagen creams also contain functional keratin, a combination of peptide proteins that help the body form its collagen. Elastin, a protein that helps tissue retain its shape after stretching, is another common ingredient. These products also often include substances such as water, mineral oil, retinol, hydroxy acids, copper peptides, glycerin, and various extracts.

3. Collagen cream type

One cream that contains collagen is an anti-wrinkle cream, which is said to improve fine lines on the skin. Anti-aging creams can also solve this problem, but they are mainly designed to make skin more delicate and shiny.

4. Collagen creams are safe

Many collagen creams are advertised as safe for long-term use, but that depends on what’s in them. And in many areas, collagen creams are not regulated. In addition, some products also contain substances that may cause allergic reactions in some people, or that may react with ingredients in other products and medicines. For this reason, it’s best for anyone who wants to use this product to consult a dermatologist before starting, and the risk of use is essentially personal.

The above is the specific introduction of collagen face cream. We should choose it according to our skin type and pay attention to whether the ingredients in this face cream are safe.