As the saying goes, the poor look at the hall, the rich look at the kitchen, and the importance of the kitchen can be imagined. A cabinet is not good to use, affects their own life, next we look at how to choose a good cabinet.

1. Cabinet

Cabinet material includes many kinds, multilayer solid board, granular board and tile, and so on. Solid wood pellet board is affordable, the moisture-proof ability is weak, easy to deform, good processing performance, and many brands are willing to use it.

Multilayer solid board performance is better than granular board, not easy to deform and crack, in the wet southern areas can also be used, but the price must be more expensive. My home is a ceramic tile cabinet body, many cabinet stores also provide customization, very easy to clean, anti-fouling, and moisture-proof, the price is also very cost-effective and wooden cabinets are also cheaper oh.

The edge sealing process is very important, so we can not be careless, edge is good or bad, and with a touch can feel it! The edge of a good cabinet is very delicate, smooth, and feels very nice.

2. Mesa

Table material many people are willing to use quartz stone because it is strong, and high hardness, the price is also very affordable, so it is very popular and normal. Pay attention to the thickness, choose more than 1.5cm, 2cm table is not easy to break.

Stainless steel table is also worth everyone’s choice, it is anti-oil anti-fouling, corrosion resistance, and scratch resistant, can do a seamless stitching table, with no health dead Angle, my home is stainless steel table, for 5 years without a problem.

Support process can choose pad and pad process, like quartz stone, stainless steel and other table pad and pad can be used, a group of cabinets generally use 3 pads. Sink materials include stainless steel, ceramic, quartz, and other materials, stainless steel material is the most popular, because the cheapest cost-effective, I think so.