Cotton padded trousers are made of padded cotton, chemical fiber, camel hair, and other warm materials, including baby’s padded foot style, dustpan pants for children, slim elastic cotton pants for adults, and split front cotton pants for the elderly. These pants usually have three layers. So what is the warmest material of padded trousers?

1. Wool

Natural wool fabric, soft and elastic. Wool products are full to the touch, have good heat preservation, are comfortable to wear, and so on. Fine wool fiber, thick and kind of shape, and as the fabric of leggings, absolutely has a warm let you believe.

There will be a slight layer of velvet to the touch, feel the warm and good texture. Be aware, however, that the higher the wool content of clothing made from wool, the more likely it is to shed or pilling.

2. Rabbit down

Rabbit wool has thinner fibers, but it is as comfortable and warm as cashmere. If it is blended with wool, it is very similar to pure cashmere. It is a good choice. The fiber has a strong sense of fleece and a fluffy feel that makes people happy.

In addition, rabbit cashmere fiber absorbency is better than other natural fiber wool (wool), lock temperature at the same time body comfort is quite high. And rabbit velvet also has the health care properties of skin maintenance, Buddhist girls must keep healthy ah. Better than a goji berry thermos or something

3. Velvet

Velvet, as one of the traditional Chinese fabrics, must have its advantages. Luxurious temperament and rich texture create a magical Christmas Eve and festive fashion atmosphere. In addition, the velvet fluff is plump, delicate in texture, and soft in the hand.

Elastic, can solve the bad habit of leggings often shed hair, and pilling, and made into leggings strong wear-resistant, not easy to fade, good resilience, want to wear or have a certain difficulty. But because velvet is very absorbent, it is important to pay attention to this property when washing.