The skirt has become a kind of single product that women like very much all year round. Winter skirt, under the different methods of women’s collocation, presents a different feeling and a different kind of charm. Even in such a cold winter, it can not hinder the pace of becoming a fairy. How can you stay warm and enjoy yourself in winter?

1. Use short upper and long bottom to create long legs

Many girls feel that wearing a skirt in winter will appear special weak, even if it is wearing a straight skirt or an umbrella skirt in the case of the model has left, also can not match very perfectly there are skirts and dresses about the skirt, no matter which type, as long as the method is appropriateļ¼Œcan get rid of the winter bloated.

In collocation can use the short way under the long way, Using short tops and high-waisted skirts can create a visual sense of long legs and perfect the proportion of the figure. Moreover, this collocation can also enhance strengths and avoid weaknesses.

2. The use of overlapping to make the shape richer

The collocation of any single product cannot be separated from other single products to make the overall shape more perfect. One of the most common styles for autumn and winter is folding. The use of overlay can improve the overall thickness, make it warmer, weaken the overall monotony, and become richer.

In the autumn and winter seasons, most layers are based on the overlapping of the upper body, resulting in inconsistent thickness between the top and bottom, showing a complementary and harmonious modeling sense. Moreover, the way of folding and wearing can make the overall shape more delicate. The most common way is to wear knitted waistcoats with folded dresses. This kind of medium and long-style coat can enhance the effect of aura and temperament.