Nowadays, many people like to wear leather clothes. Although leather clothes look good, many people are not sure how to wash leather clothes correctly. Now let’s look at how to wash leather properly.

1. Most people think that leather can not be stained with water, in fact, as long as the proper treatment, the same can be treated with water stains. Method: First, test whether the color is fading on the inside of the clothing. If it is not fading, use a cotton wool cloth to wipe the dust on the surface, and then scrub with a diluted neutral detergent. Finally, wipe it with a clean towel.

2. For leather clothing lining stains can use a small toothbrush with diluted detergent, along with the texture of the clothing scrub, and then covered it with a dry towel to absorb water, and avoid water into the cortex can be. Special care should be taken during this process to avoid moisture leaching into the leather clothing. If you accidentally get moisture into the leather clothes, we can wipe it off with toilet paper.

3. If the leather is slightly stained, wipe it directly with a white eraser. If leather clothes are only slightly stained, then we can use a white eraser to remove the stain, this method is especially useful for artificial leather.

4. When cleaning artificial leather clothes, wet the clothes with warm water, and then soak them in lotion solution for a while, squeeze out dirty water, wipe the lining, and then wipe the surface with gauze dipped in lotion solution. Rinse it off with warm water. If the artificial leather clothing is not too dirty, wipe it with a damp cloth.