When it comes to sweaters and cardigans, women who love the casual look will light up their eyes. Indeed, this is very versatile and easy to create a romantic and gentle charm in the piece. But just as every coin has two sides, so do beautiful clothes. A Cardigan sweater may step on thunder to wear a bloated feeling.

1. Sweater and cardigan with a skirt

Off-white pile collar base shirt, with a loose pure black cardigan sweater, this style is quite romantic and soft. Lower body concave upper skirt, the overall look will be a little more free and easy wind. In particular, the color and print pattern of this half skirt is biased toward the cougar department, so it is more stable, elegant, and dignified. White socks with white daddy shoes, temperament feeling up.

2. Sweater and cardigan with jeans

Slim-fit jeans look slimmer, and the exposed wearing method of the belt can subtly highlight the visual beauty of the slim and long-leg curves. The upper body is a beige sweater cardigan, blue jeans, and beige, creating a rather fresh and gentle style. At the same time, button deep v style to deepen the sexy style, and the cardigan tucked into jeans more prominent imperious crisp feel.

3. Sweater and cardigan with slacks

Sweater cardigan with casual pants this kind of match plays a leisurely gentle beauty new realm. Female star Zhou Yutong’s body in this set of modeling is quite mild and romantic, the upper body using a white knit sweater cardigan with a milk tea color turtleneck bottom shirt, the overall atmosphere is quiet and gentle. The lower body is a beige casual pants, foot on the same color canvas shoes, this set of wear although very simple, but senior and durable.